Get to know about us.

Sandra Murray, the owner at Contagious Media launched her company on 9/11/2001!   Yes, that day was horrific and the word contagious was said globally! Sandra made masks with her logo on them, and proceeded to call on accounts  - doing her best to get her company connected here in Denver.

She attended The Colorado Film School and studied film production which became a service her company offers to this day.  She worked for HBO as the Product Placement Coordinator for The Laramie Project in 2001 and learned how to enroll companies into giving away their products and services to help the film.  This skill was branded - PFN - pay for nothing - as the companies who joined in received a ton of visibility!  A win win for all!

She later produced a very successful business networking event, SummerToast, Denver's Largest Business Marketing and Networking event from 2004-2015 and enrolled over 100 companies to sponsor and display their products and services.  Every year, they selected a Non-profit to receive exposure and funds from the event.  Network and was rewarding to bring so many businesses together to connect services!

The backbone of Contagious Media was building the brands for small businesses.  Website and logo design; neighborhood initiatives, flyers, promotional materials, social media, commercials, radio spots and more.  Producing events every year for the Denver Film Festival and showcasing the companies she represented became her passion and thus supported many of clients in strategic marketing for the festival.  Another win win!

Sandra Murray has been around the scene for over 25 years and continues to enjoy meeting new people and helping them succeed. Her team consists of contractors she has worked with for many years who provide their expert services to fulfill the needs of the client.  

Bottom line:  We create the personality of your business and enjoy making you happy and prosperous!